With our individual counseling services you can help develop a more compassionate view of yourself, resolve painful past injuries, reduce negative self talk and increase positive self talk, improve intimate relationships, liberate hearts from the bondage of excessive guilt, shame, and anxiety, discover inner peace and inner strength, foster personal growth and development,increase satisfaction and joy in areas of life, and nurture resiliency and strengths already present.

Feelings of being overwhelmed, stuck, depressed, and anxiety are real. Mental health problems may come on unexpectedly or have been growing for some time. They affect ones’ thoughts, body, feelings, and behavior. They can be mild to severe. Individual therapy is tailored for a client that is administered one-on-one whether it outpatient counseling.

Benefits of personal counseling:

  • reach your goals
  • change in behavior
  • improved mood
  • decreased anxiety
  • better self-esteem
  • improved relations with family or friends
  • easing of transitions (divorce, moving, job loss)
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Available for adolescents and adults.