Marijuana is often called pot, weed, grass, ganja, or skunk. Its chemical name is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. When some use this drug, the chemicals travel quickly through the blood stream and attach themselves to special places on the brains nerve cells, these cells are called receptors. They are called that because they receive information from other nerve cells and chemicals. When these receptors receive information it causes changes in the nerve cell.

In the case of marijuana, scientists have discovered that it can cause same people to lose focus of their surroundings and make others more aware of their physical sensations. Scientists have also discovered that marijuana’s effects can cause uncontrollable laughter one minute and paranoia.

One of the receptors it affects is the part of our brain that controls our emotions, the limbic system. This also contains the hippocampus, the part that processes memory. When marijuana attaches to the receptors in this area, it can affect our long and short term memory. Along with that, it can also affect the ability to process new information.

So although in some instances scientists are finding useful ways to use marijuana in the medical field, we do not want to take lightly using something that has also shown to have long lasting harmful effects on both young and old minds alike.

Our heavenly Father has blessed us with a very special gift in that our brains are capable of doing many great things. Out of love and respect for this gift we would never want to put something in our bodies that could cause potential damage to this gift.