Dr. Dennis Frederick and his wife Dr. Glenna Frederick, made their first short-term mission trip to China in 2003. During their first mission trip, the Fredericks were introduced to the principal and vice-president of bi-lingual studies at Jaiding School #2. A partnership was quickly formed that led to a return trip to Jaiding in 2004. During this second trip, Dr. Dennis Frederick lectured to school faculty and members of the communist party on the subjects of depression and suicide, while Dr. Glenna Frederick lectured on teaching style and curriculum development.

Among the many accomplishments of this second trip was that a “sister school relationship” was formed between Jaiding School #2 and Cascade Christian School located in Puyallup, WA. In 2005, the Drs. Frederick brought several Cascade Christian school students with them to China in order to teach the Jaiding students English, while participating in a cultural exchange. This program is still in effect today and growing each year.┬áThe Fredericks continue to cultivate their God-given passion to forge mutually beneficial relationships with the people of China. Currently, the Fredericks are in the process of raising funds for another mission trip to China in the very near future.

During this next trip, the Frederick’s will continue to form new friendships and alliances with the Chinese. Again, they plan to continue teaching our friends in China how to handle feelings of depression, as well as the English language.

Dr Fredrick and his wife Dr. Glenna Frederick planning extensive trip to Korea possible to work with orphans and to continue to establish international educational programs for Cascade Christian school.