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All addictions require more and more stimuli to attain the desired effect. Smokers don’t start out smoking two packs a day. They build up to that level over time. Gamblers start with one bet. Those addicted to power started with their first position of authority. The love and hoarding of money began with not sharing. The same is true with pornography. What excited you sexually when you began using pornography is most likely boring and blah to you now. To get the level of excitement they need, men will seek more graphic, explicit, and lewd materials so they can become aroused and climax. Addictions are progressive, and even if they are put aside for a time, the person will pick up right where he left off. For example, if a one-pack-a-day smoker quits for a time, when he resumes the habit he will be back at one pack in no time—and will most likely advance to two packs a day. With any habit, you cannot go back to the beginning stages and go through the initial steps again. The addiction controls the need to get to the point of destruction. That is the only expected and logical outcome of an addiction. The addiction requires more and more, because what was once tantalizing is no longer enough. You now need to go deeper and deeper into the types of materials—maybe even more graphic or to images of children or animals or to sadism or masochism. The endless degree to which some men will go creates greater isolation. Part of the effect it has on you and the people around you is that you are taking away from them. Whether it is the sleep you miss while engaged in activities you prefer to keep secret, the time you spend with your family, the sexual intimacy you are taking away from your wife, or the honesty—being truthful and realistic with her. Take an inventory of the effects this addiction is having on your relationship. Is there open and honest communication with your wife? What else are you hiding that also needs to be revealed? If you think that using pornography affects only you, you are lying to yourself. It doesn’t affect only you—it affects all the people around you. The closer you become to pornography, the greater the distance you are building between yourself and your wife and family. By requiring more and more, the addiction also takes more and more away from those people around you. It erodes the very hearts of your relationships. It is truly a roaring lion seeking whom it may devour.

Points to Consider

1. What level is your behavior?
2. How deep are you into this?
3. How many hours a day, how many days a week? How graphic is the material you need to become aroused?
4. What is the outcome of my choice to use pornography?

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:15-19

Frederick, Dennis (2011-07-29). Conquering Pornography: Overcoming the Addiction. WinePress Publishing. Kindle Edition.

China Ministry

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Dr. Dennis Frederick and his wife Dr. Glenna Frederick, made their first short-term mission trip to China in 2003. During their first mission trip, the Fredericks were introduced to the principal and vice-president of bi-lingual studies at Jaiding School #2. A partnership was quickly formed that led to a return trip to Jaiding in 2004. During this second trip, Dr. Dennis Frederick lectured to school faculty and members of the communist party on the subjects of depression and suicide, while Dr. Glenna Frederick lectured on teaching style and curriculum development.

Among the many accomplishments of this second trip was that a “sister school relationship” was formed between Jaiding School #2 and Cascade Christian School located in Puyallup, WA. In 2005, the Drs. Frederick brought several Cascade Christian school students with them to China in order to teach the Jaiding students English, while participating in a cultural exchange. This program is still in effect today and growing each year. The Fredericks continue to cultivate their God-given passion to forge mutually beneficial relationships with the people of China. Currently, the Fredericks are in the process of raising funds for another mission trip to China in the very near future.

During this next trip, the Frederick’s will continue to form new friendships and alliances with the Chinese. Again, they plan to continue teaching our friends in China how to handle feelings of depression, as well as the English language.

Dr Fredrick and his wife Dr. Glenna Frederick planning extensive trip to Korea possible to work with orphans and to continue to establish international educational programs for Cascade Christian school.

Rooftop 5:19

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In the same way that the paralytic man’s friends brought him to the Great Physician, Rooftop 519 helps bring children from their community to the place of their healing. Rooftop has an abundance of healthcare professionals and resources in the United States, and they strategically partner with those professionals to provide inbound patient care for critically injured and ill children who need the hope of a healer.

Dr. Frederick has become very involved with Rooftop 5:19. They heal the sickest kids in the world in the name of Christ. If your purpose is fulfilled though this mission, we invite you to learn about how you can help critically injured and ill children become well.

To find out more about Rooftop 5:19. Please visit their site